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Tsquared Tutors

Tsquared Tutors partners with school districts to provide the highest quality supplemental educational support to eligible children attending program improvement schools. We administer intensive intervention programs aligned with the standards adopted by the State Board of Education. In addition, all children receive test preparation and study skills instruction to assure not only progress in school, but also on statewide assessments.

We individualize our curriculum and personalize instructional methodology while focusing not only on achieving understanding of the subject matter, but also on developing good study skills and life-long work habits for each individual we teach.

We monitor student progress as we remediate or accelerate student progress. We communicate with teachers and give session progress reports to parents, providing a valuable open communication channel for exchange of information crucial to the success of every child.

Our tutoring services are conveniently provided in the schools we service. Tutoring is also available “in-home” or at local libraries.